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July 21, 2011
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The Sacrifice by KassidiKeys The Sacrifice by KassidiKeys

...Those dragons- they sneak up on you.

As usual, I submit this to Mixed Media because it is far more paint than 3D.

I don't normally dedicate things, but this one is definitely dedicated to my Dad- who sparked my interest in fantasy art as a kid by spending hours letting me watch him draw dragons and always entertaining me with tales of adventure- and even better- he let the bad guys win & the princesses were always eaten by the dragons; dragons who had far more personality than any other character. He was always very supportive of my art- even when I was just beginning.
I wish he could see what I'm capable of now.

6 hours Poser, about 14 hours in Photoshop CS5. I'd forgotten how much I actually enjoy painting images. It's soooo easy for me to get lazy in 3d since everything is already so pretty.

I've had a manic burst of activity these last 10 days. I've finished 5 (strong) pieces in 6 days, with another unfinished that I've already worked 4 days straight on. Needless to say, I've been trying to "save my hand" only for eating and arting and that's it. It's tired. I don't even think I could play WoW at this point, so I'm taking a few days off of art to let it rest.

My other favorites from this burst:

Model "Narelle" over @ (she's gorgeous- use her), lit & posed by me, then taken into Photoshop and painted. Probably 6 hours in Poser getting it set up and lit (always the lighting is what takes me the longest). And, oh, 7 or 8 different renders. I like to render the scene in full to get a feel for the image, and then isolate all the elements and render them separately- makes it a LOT easier to paint behind/between elements when you don't have to spend all your time cleaning lines and worrying about overlapping.

Poser 8, Photoshop CS5, Intuos 4,.
Soundtrack- Lady Gaga to start it, and Sigur Ros, & Wardruna to end it.

Base model is V4 & ++ morphs, skin (before being brutally done over by my stylus) was Narelle, flowers in hair belong to Primrose hair @ Dragon started as Millennium Dragon II via and is pretty much all paint now (because I'm picky about my dragon heads). Chains are "Andromeda" & Hair is Misty Veil hair, Gold coins (what aren't painted) - all via

As always, brushes by Ron Deviney over at this set was Concrete (I use it for hair/skin, everything), Particles, Smoke & Steam, Flames, and his Winter bundle. If you're curious about Deviney's brushes try them- you'll never go back.

All elements are either created/painted/morphed by me and/or are purchased resources and are fully commercially licensed for use by me.

This image is copyrighted by Kassidi Keys (2011) and registered at and protected by all international copyright laws.

This Image may NOT be used (in part or in whole) for any purpose, modified, or redistributed in any way without my permission.
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